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Concurrent Enrollment


Wind River High School offers a limited number of concurrent enrollment courses on the WRHS campus for eligible students. High school and college credits are earned. The classes are taught by a WRHS instructor. Tentative classes scheduled for the 2018 -2019 school year are:

Clay/Sculpture I & Clay/Sculpture II: WRHS Instructor See page 8 of Registration Handbook for description.

English 1010 & English 1020: 12 WRHS Instructor See page 13 of Registration Handbook for description.

Math 1400/1405/2200: 11, 12 WRHS Instructor See page 17 of Registration Handbook for description

Chemistry 1000: 11, 12 WRHS Instructor See page 20 of Registration Handbook for description

Projects III: (Welding 1700) 11, 12 WRHS Instructor See page 7 of Registration Handbook for description

Dual credit courses may be taken online through approved college/universities for high school and college credit. Courses that are required for graduation and offered at Wind River High School may not be taken through a college/university. Students enrolling in dual credit courses must meet the college/university guidelines in order to take the course. All dual credit course work must be approved through the guidance counselor and the school principal by completing an Alternative Course Request Form available in the Registration Handbook.

Students enrolling in any dual or concurrent enrollment college course will be expected to successfully complete all coursework and receive a letter grade. Withdrawing or auditing a dual or concurrent course may be possible through the college/university for college transcripts; however, the school strongly discourages this practice. Withdrawing from a dual credit course is not permissible with regard to the high school transcript after the drop/add period per Wind River High School registration handbook. Students who do not complete and/or receive a grade for a dual credit course will receive a failing grade on the high school transcript.