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Fremont County School District #6 IT Department

Michael Shelley, Technology Director




All students from grades 4-12 have a Chromebook assigned to them that they use throughout the school day. Grades K-3 have Chromebooks in their classrooms students use throughout the day to access online curriculum.  Grade K-2 students have email access turned off. Chromebooks remain at school in carts charging overnight. They are cloud based and utilize online storage so students have access to their saved data from anywhere there is an internet connection. As per replacement schedule Chromebooks for 9-12 were replaced during the summer of 2018. K-3 Chromebooks were down-streamed from replaced 9-12 Chromebooks and not purchased new. 



Wind River Schools was selected for and implemented the Google Rolling Study Halls during the 2018-19 school year.  Rolling Study Halls are helping students in our rural Wyoming school by powering buses with Wi-Fi devices as well as a trained teacher on board.  Students have the ability to use chromebooks on the buses to access educational content and do homework with the teacher’s assistance if needed.  Students who do not have Internet access at home, can now access this information on the bus ride to and from school.

Good Morning America – Google equips school buses with WiFi


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