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Cougar Community Health Center Consent Form 


‚ÄčIf you wish to use the Cougar Community Health Center, you will need to attend the first time with your child.  After the first visit, you have the option to give verbal consent for your child to be seen in the Cougar Community Health Center.  Your child will never have an appointment at the Cougar Community Health Center without your permission.





For the welfare of all students, we ask that if your child does contract a communicable (transmittable) illness or condition, that you notify the school and keep your child at home until the threat of spreading is past such as a temperature under 100° F without the use of medication. For assistance in determining when to keep your children at home, please refer to the “American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations for School Exclusion






“In the presence of an outbreak of vaccine preventable disease as determined by the state or county health authority, school children for whom a medical or religious waiver has been issued and who are not immunized against the occurring vaccine preventable disease shall be excluded from school attendance for a period of time that is determined by the state or county health authority, but not suspended from school as provided in W.S. 21-4-305. Children excluded from school attendance under this section shall not be counted in the combined number of pupils absent as defined in W.S. 21-13-101 (a)(i).